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"Studying the Impact of the Digital Economy on Individuals, Corporations and Society."
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Dr. Didier Bonnet

A globally recognized thought leader on digital transformation and a Professor of Strategy & Innovation at IMD Business School. Didier pioneered the concept of digital transformation over a decade ago and is an author of the best-selling book “Leading Digital” described as the “source code” for understanding the DNA of successful digital transformation. Didier is a strategic thinker who blends in-depth research with deep business experience, having helped some of the world’s largest organizations transform into digital leaders.

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Thought-provoking, motivational, research-based and business relevant insights on the impact of technology on individuals, businesses and society.

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Didier's pioneering work on digital transformation led to the best-selling book "Leading Digital: Turning Technology into Business Transformation". Leading Digital makes the provocative argument that the next phase of digital technology adoption will make everything that’s happened so far look like a prelude.



Didier was a precursor in anticipating the scale, and the likely transformational impact of the digital revolution that is sweeping through our economies. His work spans information economics, digital transformation, platform strategies, digital innovation, the future of work and organizational transformation.



Didier helps boards and management teams to make the shift to the new digital economy. With over 30 years’ experience  in strategy and transformation consulting, Didier is a trusted advisor and coach to senior leaders who are leading their organisations through complex digital transformations.

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“Didier has shared his knowledge and insights with Executives in our global peer group network on many occasions. Always relevant, always engaging. Our executive and business leader members constantly need to be up to date, and inspired. Didier fulfils this purpose fully – and understands the needs and challenges of the modern business leader.”

Jonatan Age Person, Group CEO ​ - Executives’ Global Network (EGN)

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