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Didier’s academic research focuses on understanding the impact of the new digital economy on individuals, corporations and society. His work spans information economics, digital transformation, platform strategies, digital innovation, the future of work and organizational transformation.

the new elements of digital transformati

MIT Sloan Management Review, Nov 2020

The New Elements of Digital Transformation

journal of strat.png

Journal of Strategy & Management, Jul 2020

Lifting the Lid on Disruption Fever

reflections 3.jpg

The Digital Transformation People, Feb 2020

Reflections on a Decade of Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation.jpg

MIT Sloan Management Review, Feb 2015

Revamping Your Business Through Digital Transformation

no technocrats.jpg

Harvard Business Review, Sep 2014

We Need Better Managers Not More Technocrats

Digital Wave.jpg

Harvard Business Review, Aug 2014

Do You Have the IT for the Coming Digital Wave?


MIT Sloan Management Review, Jan 2014

The Nine Elements of Digital Transformation

thought leader.jpg

MIT Sloan Management Review, Nov 2012

The Advantages of Digital Maturity


Business Strategy Review, Jun 2009

Strategy Convergence

Why Innovation's Future - Sloan.png

MIT Sloan Management Review, May 2020

Why Innovation's Future Isn't (Just) Open


Indian Management, Mar 2020

Busting Myths of Digital Transformation

reframing growth strat - slaon.jpg

MIT Sloan Management Review, Feb 2017

Reframing Growth Strategy in a Digital Economy

Evolution before Revolution - HBR.jpg

Harvard Business Review, Jan 2015

The Best Digital Business Models Put Evolution Before Revolution

Convincing employees - HBR.jpg

Harvard Business Review, Sep 2014

Convincing Employees to Use New Technology


Harvard Business Review, Jul 2014

It's Time for Boards to Cross the Digital Divide

Screenshot 2020-12-16 at 10.10.24.png

MIT Sloan Management Review, Oct 2013

Embracing Digital Technology

the digital capabilities - sloan.jpg

MIT Sloan Management Review, Oct 2012

The Digital Capabilities Your Company Needs

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